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Rosemary and Eucalyptus Essential Oil Diffuser

35,00 inc. IVA (TAX)

Studio Sardo’s Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oil diffuser is a herbaceous and woody scent. The combination of cool mentholated eucalyptus and soothing rosemary pairs well to create a tranquil fragrance reminiscent of nature and boutique spa experiences.

Stimulating and soothing, this scent is perfect for promoting relaxation and clarity of mind. Perfect for your study, bedroom and meditative spaces within the home.

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Good to Know: Each Studio Sardo essential oil diffuser comes with all-natural, unbleached rattan reed sticks and a gift box made from recycled materials. Our diffusers are filled with natural essential oils with no harsh chemicals or dyes of any kind.

200ml capacity per diffuser.

In the interest of fragrance longevity, we recommend your essential oils diffuser is not diluted with water or placed in direct sunlight. To ensure the reeds draw essential oil fragrances optimally, we recommend you do not rotate your reed sticks and keep away from damp environments such as the bathroom or areas where steam or moisture is present.

All of our essential oils are derived from natural origins and blended in Portugal.



Studio Sardo

Studio Sardo is a lifestyle and homeware brand created by founder Sofia Sardo. Authentically infused with the charm of the Algarve and rooted in the rich heritage of Sofia Sardo, our bespoke collections are designed in-house and made in Portugal with love. Through brand collaborations with locally sourced craftsmen, we reflect the unique styles of our beautiful country and those from further afield. We bring unique and refined designs to your home, embodying the essence of affordable luxury in every piece

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